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  1. How do you think you’d feel if you found a dead body? Would you want to know what had happened to the person?

  2. How important do you think the Lithuanian setting is in giving the novel a sense of place and character?

  3. What is your opinion on older women partnering with younger men?

  4. Do you agree with women conceiving at an older age?

  5. Did you find Anna a sympathetic character? If not why not?

  6. Do you think Anna was justified in suspecting Will of being involved somehow in Margryta’s murder?

  7. What did you think of Will’s character in the novel?

  8. Did your perception of the Lithuanian police change by the end of the novel?

  9. Discuss the relationship between Will and Daria, and Will’s role with her and Sasha?

  10. Do you think Will is right for Anna?

  11. Why do you think Anna becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to Margryta?

  12. Discuss the role of Anna’s father in the novel.

  13. Do you think Anna and Will might have got together if they’d met in different circumstances?

  14. How did Anna’s and Will’s respective upbringings shape their personalities?

  15. Discuss the following themes and how they apply to The Truth Waits: unexpected events; second chances; family ties.

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