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The Best Friend

NEW! Released 24th August 2023

Alice is finally in a good place. A lovely home. A steady job. And Jason. Reliable, honest, kind Jason — her boyfriend and best friend. She trusts him implicitly.


But if anyone can lead Jason astray, it’s Carl. His best friend. And now Carl’s on their doorstep, begging for help.


Carl has a hold over Jason that Alice doesn't understand. And suddenly everything she holds dear is under threat.


Because Carl knows Jason owes him. And he won’t leave them alone until he has what he wants.

The Perfect Witness

Released 30th March 2022

Daniel has a condition called ‘highly superior autobiographical memory’. He can remember everything about his life — days, dates, even what he had for lunch on a particular day many years before. But the memories are uncontrollable. It’s like having flashbacks all the time, all the way back to when he was ten years old. It's exhausting and it's ruining his life.


There’s one memory that haunts him more than all the others. What did he see that night so many years ago? He has to find out, even if it means he has to put himself in terrible danger...

The Perfect Neighbour


Beth wants to love her new home on a quiet suburban street. She wishes she could make friends with her beautiful neighbour Oksana. She longs for a new group of friends.

But life here feels so closed. One day Beth runs into Oksana’s garden to fetch her runaway dog, and she sees something shocking that makes her wonder who her new neighbours really are.

Sometimes, it’s the most perfect neighbours that hide the most terrible secrets.

Heather has lucked out. She has a beautiful house, a happy family life — and she’s just won the lottery. £29 million!

But her comfortable life dissolves into chaos. She starts receiving anonymous, hateful messages. She and her family escape to Spain, along with a few other close friends. But away from the spotlight in London, things go from bad to worse. Then the unthinkable happens and Heather realizes she can’t trust anyone. 

THE LOST BROTHER publish cover.jpg

Ricky and Leonora Bates are brother and sister, best friends, allies in a loveless family. Their father views Ricky’s quiet bookishness as weakness and Leonora’s feisty intelligence as unbecoming.


Ricky is sent away to a boarding school in South Africa, leaving Leonora to deal with her dysfunctional parents on her own. When Leonora’s father travels to South Africa to bring Ricky home, disaster strikes, her father is shot dead, and her brother is nowhere to be found. Now Leonora must find the truth.

The Girl on the Beach

Published in 2018 as The Truth Waits, my second novel was re-released in February 2021.


What would you do if you discovered a dead body on a remote beach and no one else seemed to care?

Crackling with tension, this electrifying page-turner by critically acclaimed author Susanna Beard defies expectation.

What Happened That Night

My debut novel, published as Dare to Remember in 2017, was re-released in March 2021 as What Happened That Night.


Reeling from a brutal attack that leaves her badly injured and her best friend dead, Lisa Fulbrook is plagued by questions: how did their assailant know them? Why were they attacked? And what really happened that night?

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