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Writing fiction is forever new and joyful — it's fun, and tricky, and frustrating, and wonderful. 

As a writer and as a reader I like dark, contemplative stories with a twist. I'm fascinated by the psychology of relationships and the impact of seemingly insignificant events on people's lives.


And the unfolding drama...

The Best Friend

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NEW! Released 24th August 2023


Alice is finally in a good place. A lovely home. A steady job. And Jason. Reliable, honest, kind Jason — her boyfriend and best friend. She trusts him implicitly.


But if anyone can lead Jason astray, it’s Carl. His best friend. And now Carl’s on their doorstep, begging for help. Carl has a hold over Jason that Alice doesn't understand. And suddenly everything she holds dear is under threat.


Because Carl knows Jason owes him. And he won’t leave them alone until he has what he wants.

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