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About me

"I discovered that the slope of writing to order is a slippery one, and that the descent is in fact pleasurable." Elena Ferrante. 


Writing fiction is forever new and joyful - it's fun, and difficult, and frustrating, and wonderful. 


As a writer and a reader, I like dark, contemplative stories with a twist. I'm fascinated by the psychology of relationships and the impact of insignificant events on people's lives. And the unfolding drama....

The Perfect Neighbour

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Released 30th September 2021.

Beth wants to love her new home on a quiet suburban street. She wishes she could make friends with her beautiful neighbour Oksana. She longs for a new group of friends. Welcoming neighbours to visit. Coffee dates and dinner parties.

But life here feels so closed. Then Beth runs into Oksana’s garden one day to fetch her runaway dog, and she sees something shocking that makes her wonder who her new neighbours really are.

Sometimes, it’s the most perfect neighbours that hide the most terrible secrets.

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